Friday 4 – Saturday 19 September 2015


Please join us for opening drinks
Saturday 5 September 3.00-5.00pm


AirSpace Projects  10 Junction Street   Marrickville   Sydney


Ali Noble Nuha Saad Pink Final

‘Glitter is going under!’ So declared Le Corbusier in his critique of ornament. I like to imagine him emphatically banging a lectern with his fist when he says this, or maybe it’s uttered with a cool and confident voice in a smoky men’s club while sipping whisky. There’s no glitter or gilded edges in our installation; but there is flocking, felt, golden curves and ornament with no formal function.
‘Decadence’, mutters Le Corbusier.


Francesca Mataraga and Merryn J Trevethan

Merryn J TREVETHAN 'seigementality' and Francesca Mataraga 'fence fragment'

Merryn J Trevethan’s work focuses on the uncertainty of perception, using colour to explore the complexity of vision. In this exhibition, Trevethan presents works from her Storm Series of Artist books, objects and recent paintings that distill her daily perceptions and tease out the spatial relationships found in the densely populated architectural environment, as viewed from the 12th storey of her apartment block in Singapore.

Francesca Mataraga presents floor fragment (2015), a sculptural piece and a hypothetical installation. As with other work in this series it explores colour, pattern and form through experimentation with scale, by adapting a pre-existing stripped fabric pattern to an architectural situation.

Image: Merryn J Trevethan, The Siege Mentality, 2015 (left). Francesca Mataraga, floor fragment, 2015 (right). Both images courtesy of the artists.

The Cranny, Deep Space and Outer Space

Sarah Newall: Girl Shed III

Sarahs Work

Girl Shed III is the third iteration and will be the last part to complete the sustainability garden project in the courtyard of AirSpace Projects. Girl Shed is a ramshackle free-form shed designed to provide a creative space and water catchment for the garden. Over the course of the exhibition Sarah Newall will be living onsite creating art that will change and develop the exhibiting space as well as doing daily menial tasks: cleaning, cooking, eating and gardening.

Image courtesy of Sarah Newall.