The Cranny

Friday 7 – Saturday 22 July

Marian Abboud

Kiss Them While They’re Sleeping

Opening Friday 7 July 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 22 July 3-5pm

Marian Abboud is a Western Sydney-based artist working across disciplines in visual arts, performance, dance, installation and site-specific actions. Marian collaborates with community and audiences to create multi-layered culturally driven artworks that challenges perceptions of identity, land and historical frameworks. Marian uses personal triggers to unravel narratives and journeys of migration and refuge to Australia. Marian’s works draw upon the psychology of memory and the body as a political subject.

Kiss Them While They’re Sleeping, parallels the closed languages, secret gestures and personal codes of forced migration.

Influenced by the lack of social injustice and desperation facing families in today’s expanding world of war, this work reflects on the borderlands, mass migration, insecurity and the absence of protection.

One of the many shameful consequences of war is the sudden uncertainty experienced by millions of female refugees. The untold rules, expectations and responsibilities of the organised family structure are no longer influenced by cultural, religious and political agendas.

Kiss Them While They’re Sleeping is influenced by the writings of Suad Joseph, Professor of Anthropology, in particular her research on gender, sociology of the family, selfhood and citizenship.

Marian Abboud collaborated with her four sisters and two nieces to create Kiss Them While They’re Sleeping. It was developed in association with dLux MediaArts and Digital Fabrics.


Site-specific installation 2017

In her best interest I Milli
Digital print on chiffon, 145 x 300cm

In her best interest II Nanna
Digital print on chiffon, 145 x 200cm

Multichannel Video
Analog TV’s, dvd, mirrors, various dimensions