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Cancel all engagements on Friday May 2 between 6-8pm.  JD Reforma is coming to AirSpace Projects.

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JD Reforma, Luvo, 2014
Digital stock image appropriated for promotional use. Image copyright Brian Mueller. Used under license from

‘Love’ is an installation in two parts. In the video, a figure swings at a cycle of tennis balls served by an unseen opponent. As the sole player, his motivation wavers until his focus gives way to exhaustion or indifference. It is a game played with no cumulative goal or order and, as it progresses, he loses heart. In the accompanying text – a list – names have been catalogued according to the rhythm of the match.

In exploring the tension between narrative and gesture, ‘Love’ attempts to conflate the rhythm of written language with that of the moving image.

The Landscape Too artists and writers dissect Picnic at Hanging Rock over a glass of wine and pizza on closing night. Hayley Megan French and Carla Liesch have done a brilliant job in bringing this exhibition together. Big thanks to them, the artists and writers who have contributed their talents to this project and to MOP for facilitating this exhibition.

Landscape Too: Pizza at Hanging Rock

Landscape Too: Pizza at Hanging Rock

It was another great night at AirSpace Projects for the opening of Landscape Too.  And to echo ek.1’s video work ‘Make it real (one more time)’ storm clouds and lightening provided a dramatic backdrop but fortunately spared us from the deluge that struck parts of the south coast and tablelands.  In the manner of a gothic harbinger fruit bats streamed across the sky to seek refuge in the city, forewarning only those who are inclined to superstition.

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The work looks great, a mixture of traditional and new media responses to the enduring concern of landscape. In recent years, new questions have been raised in relation to landscape, framing it not as a shared or agreed upon reality but rather as a subjective experience where its representation reflects the attributes of the culture it emerges from.  Some of the questions have been addressed in the work and the accompanying booklet, encouraging viewers and readers to reflect upon their own experience of landscape and to consider how it is socially and culturally manipulated.

Viewing art on the internet doesn’t compare to viewing art in the flesh. Not only is there the variation of scale to consider, some of the works function as sounds and moving images while the more traditional media offer seductive surfaces not easily appreciated when mediated by the virtual world. Here are a few details of work to entice you over to Marrickville. And come enjoy the ambience of AirSpace Projects.

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Ron McBurnie, Catherine Parker and Stephen Spurrier. Unraveling a Constellation (detail), 2014. Etching, screenprint and acrylic paint on paper, 20 x 20cm each.


ek.1 (Katie Louise Williams and Emma Hicks). Make it real (one more time) (detail), 2014. Digital print on fabric banner, digital video looped on LCD screen on four panels. 69 x 240cm.


Hayley Megan French. Some Distance (detail), 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 160cm.


Mark Shorter
Mark Shorter, Two Sketches for Antipodysseus (detail), 2014. Two channel HD video installation, 9:34. Camera Jürgen Kerkovius.


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