The Cranny

Sarah Eddowes


Friday 7 – Saturday 22 April 2017

Opening Friday 7 April 6-8pm

My body of work explores the object as a static imprint of a process of transformation. Coming from a background in animation, I am interested in showing direct movement in my animated work and the extension of this to the implication of change in the static object. Despite the abstract nature of the imagery, it alludes to certain universal processes of change, notably those of the geological and the bodily. The translucency of the wax recalls bodily textures, the organic shapes resemble cells, organs or bruises, and the pervading colours of pinks and cool turquoise are rooted in the tones of the body. Elements of geology such as structural shifts and faults, layering and compression of sediment are also recurring visual features of my work.

The process of slicing is a prominent theme in my work, both as a method of transformation and as a means of revealing a specific view of an object’s interior, much like a geological cross section or a magnetic resonance image (MRI). This process echoes that of animation and cinema wherein an illusion of motion is created by revealing one image at a time. In this way, my static work may be seen as cinematic objects.

Image: Sarah Eddowes, Cells II, 2016, wax and wood, 25 x 33cm. Image courtesy of the artist.