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November Exhibitions

4-19 November 2016

Art Conversations

Saturday 19 November from 3.00pm

Gallery One

Glenn Locklee

Con-struct Redux

Glenn Locklee’s paintings capture his observations of the increasing redundancy of small business and domestic manufacturing; and the proliferation of high-rise, high-density living as house and land ownership become increasingly unattainable.

Gallery Two

Ellen Dahl

This Is Where We Meet

Ellen Dahl’s photographic installations explore the island as the notion of the definitive edge to reflect back upon the contemporary self and the political.

The Cranny

Jacqui Mills

Something In The Room

Dwellers of inhabited spaces are often perceived as being the protagonists, or activators, of the spaces in which they live. Something in the Room questions the notion of presence and absence in the context of the home, suggesting that perhaps there are other protagonists activating space without the presence of the dweller.

Deep Space

Catherine Polcz

Herba morbus

Catherine Polcz examines the field of plant intelligence to explore the mysterious nature of plants and our relationship to nature; science fact vs science fiction and museums as trusted places that disseminate knowledge.