Presented By

Astute Art Investments International

Ernesto Bautista, James Nguyen, Sun Shaokun 孙少坤, Kyle Skor,

Emma Varker, Bryden Williams, Song Xi 宋兮

Friday 10 April – Saturday 25 April

Opening Friday 10 April 6.00-8.00pm


Opening Night Action

Friday 10 April 2015, 6.30 – 7.30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)
See schedule below
Song Xi Let Me Love You Again

MOMENTS is the second project curated by Astute Art Investments International (AAII).

The project comprises a one hour schedule of performances and live art that will sequentially unfold over Skype and WeChat on Friday 10 April from 6:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

With so many voices competing on social media and in the digital space, there is a tendency for established institutional perspectives and extreme provocateurs to gain the most traction and visibility. Despite the pervasive calcification of these voices whenever we try to talk about anything, we feel that there is still plenty of room left for us as individuals to establish a space for mutual and open exchange.

Astute Art Investments International invites a select group of local and international artists to contribute performance and live work to MOMENTS. Artists will consider what it means to take your turn. What it means to wait and listen. What it means to let someone else use their time without interruption. It is up to the individual to voice and explore what they think is important in their allotment, mindful of the fact that this time will expire, and that someone else will have that moment next.

AAII is a network of artists and curators working across Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney who, connected via digital platforms online and on mobile, engage in critical and social dialogue around contemporary art and ideas.

顷刻之间 是由“精锐国际艺术投资(AAII)”所策划的第⼆二个项⺫⽬目。该项⺫⽬目包含⼀一⼩小时的⾏行为 表演, 依次从下午4:30(北京时间)开始, 通过现场,Skype 和微信来呈现。

随着越来越多的声⾳音在社交媒体和数字空间当中竞争,这种趋势促使了现有制度的视⾓角和极端 的挑衅者获得更多的关注和透明度。尽管这些声⾳音,就像我们谈论任何事情的时候⼀一样,普遍 的僵化,我们仍然觉得,还有很多留给我们的,作为个⼈人来建⽴立的⼀一种相互开放的交流空间。


实时的⾏行为表演。对于艺术家来说,等待轮到你意味着什么,等候和倾听意味着什么, 让别⼈人 来不中断地使⽤用他们的时间意味着什么?它由个⼈人来决定,在他所分配的那个时间段内,什么 是他想发声或探索的,并且同时意识到这个时段的限时,然后接下来会有另外⼀一个⼈人来使⽤用这 个时段。

AAII 是⼀一群通过⺴⽹网络和移动的数字平台所联结起来的,来⾃自北京,⾹香港和悉尼的艺术家及策展 ⼈人,围绕当代艺术和观念来引起并进⾏行批判性和社会性的对话。



6:32pm (AEST)/ 下午 4:32 (北京时间)In Gallery Space 在画廊空间

James Nguyen, Level Head, 2015, interactive performance, duration: 5 mins

6:38pm (AEST) /下午 4:38 (北京时间)WeChat 威信

Song Xi, Let me love you again, performance, duration: 5-8 mins

宋兮《让我再爱你⼀一次》2015,表演,5-8 分钟

6:50pm (AEST) / 下午 4:50 (北京时间)Skype

Ernesto Bautista, Midnight Suns, 2014, performance documentation, 1 min 14 sec

6:53pm (AEST) /下午 4:53 (北京时间)WeChat 威信

Kyle Skor, Hold on a Second, 2015, interactive performance, duration: 7 mins

7:03pm (AEST) /下午 5:03 (北京时间)In Gallery Space 在画廊空间

Emma Varker, Robin from the Block, 2015, live performance, duration: 7+ mins

7:12pm (AEST) /下午 5:12 (北京时间)Skype

Bryden Williams, Intervention Self-Portrait, 2015, performance documentation, duration: 5 mins

7:20pm (AEST) / 下午 5:20(北京时间)Skype

Sun Shaokun, Lovely Stranger, 2015, live performance, duration: 10+ mins 孙少坤《可爱陌⽣生⼈人》2015, 表演,10 分钟多

Image: Song Xi, Let Me Love You Again. Courtesy of Astute Art Investments International