3-18 November 2017

The T-E-A-R Collective

Place of all return

Opening Event: Friday 3 November 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 18 November 3-5pm

Artists: Ben Adams, Carlos Agamaz, Chi Chi Menendez, Clara Chung, Danny Giles, Erin Schloeffel, Gabbi Lancaster, Giorgia De Biasi, Karolina Partyka, Marlaina Read, Michael Lai, Mija Healey, Moonhee Kim, Paula S Y Ngu, Patrick Smith, Rosanna Goslett-King

Facilitated by Hayden Fowler

Place of all return is an exhibition that explores socio-spiritual and environmental themes. It comes out of an intensive seven-day experimental contemporary art lab and residency for emerging and early career artists from Australia and overseas – including artists from Indigenous, queer and regional backgrounds – at Smith’s Lake on the Central Coast in July 2017. The project was facilitated by artist Hayden Fowler.

At the beginning of the residency the artists heard Rob Yettica from the Forster Local Aboriginal Land Council, talk about Smith’s Lake as a transitional space. Artists were encouraged to reflect on feelings, thoughts, self, the past and the natural surroundings and, ‘just let it go out over the water.’

Works in the exhibition draw upon diverse disciplines. They embrace art, science and design and examine the shifting contemporary relationships between humanity and the natural world as well as the historical and cultural influences shaping this engagement, including local Indigenous history and contemporary cultural influences.

The collective’s broad experimental approach to contemporary art making – photography, sound, installation, performance, sculpture and video – invites the audience to consider effective and experimental approaches to working in, with and from Smith’s Lake.

Taking the lake and its surroundings as a site of departure, Place of all return explores personal, emotional, spiritual and cultural questions referencing human-environment exchange, experimental futures, spatiality, ritual, loss, grief, transition and transformation.

List of Works

Ben Adams

Consent to Destroy: Part 3, 2017, vacuum seal bags, found objects, string, dimensions variable.


Carlos Agamez

2017, Ladder to nowhere, collected wood, performance and site specific installation, dimensions variable


Clara Chung

Clara Chung, Untitled I (studies between the lines), 2017, inkjet print,131 x 68cm. $450

Untitled II (studies between the lines), 2017, inkjet print, 40 x 69cm


Giorgia De Biasi

Giant Steps (above), 2017, oil bar, chalk, pastel, on cotton rag, 55 x 73cm


Heuristic (Blue algorithm) (below), 2017, oil bar, charcoal, pastel, on cotton rag, 55 x 73cm


Danny Giles

Safe place for bees, 2017, home grown gourds, bamboo, beeswax, shellac, fabric, glue, dimensions variable.

$250 per bee habitat

Rosanna Goslett-King

Nest, 2017, video installation, 6min


Mija Healey

2017, single channel video, 4min 56sec (looped)


Moonhee Kim

Square Flowers #1 – #9, 2017, organic material on perspex, mixed media, each work 60 x 60cm.

$600 each

Michael Lai

Are We There Yet?, 2017, interactive video, organic material and resin on perspex, 95 x 105cm


Chi Chi Menendez

Duelo, 2017, Giclée Fine Art Print on textured cotton rag paper, 76 x 120cm (Framed) Edition 1/5.


Paula S Y Ngu

Midden I-001, 2017, installation, glass bottles, gesso, dimensions variable.


Untitled, 2017, watercolour and pencil on cotton paper, 56 x 76cm


Gabbi Lancaster

Opening into a new day, 2017, acrylic paint on canvas, 112 x 183cm.


Karolina Partyka

Nature Calls (Mayers Flats, Myall Lakes National Park, NSW, Australia), 2017, framed archival inkjet print, Posca pen, live off-site solar powered phone installation. Unique state, 59.4 x 84.1cm.

$700 for framed print

(This project has been supported by Arc @ UNSW Ltd under their 2017 Art & Design Grants scheme)

Marlaina Read

Drift, 2017, foraged reeds, Icelandic wool, driftwood, installation documentation, dimensions variable

Erin Schloeffel

2017, Untitled, tin, wood, sculpture and sound installation, dimensions variable

Papillon (Patrick Smith)

Untitled (Doon Doon Creek), 2017, photograph, 70 x 50cm.