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Current Exhibitions

on view until Saturday 22 August

AirSpace Projects open from 11.00am Thursday, Friday and Saturday

10 Junction Street Marrickville

 Galleries One and Two

Paintings by Mum

Brenda Samuels

Curated by Miranda Samuels

Brenda Samuels, Yakult From Japan copy

Throughout her life Brenda has been a prolific painter. Despite her passion and talent, however, domestic and familial responsibilities have always taken priority over her art practice.

In response to this, Brenda and Miranda came up with a domestic-artistic arrangement that would allow Brenda to focus on her painting and produce a significant body of work for this show. It involves the use of housework as a curatorial strategy whereby Miranda, in her role as curator, fulfils a share of her domestic responsibilities each week so that she can maximise her time spent painting.

Here, cleaning, sweeping and mundane errands are ascribed artistic and economic value in the form of contemporary art; i.e. eight hours of washing, tidying and cooking = one small oil painting

Brenda and Miranda’s partnership has given rise to many fruitful discussions regarding women in the art-world, mother-daughter collaborations, the artistic value of housework and reproductive labour, housework as a curatorial strategy, emerging middle-aged female artists, and the contemporary relevance of the 1970’s International Wages For Housework Campaign.

Brenda will exhibit her most recent body of work – a series of small still-life paintings that depict objects emblematic of contemporary consumerist culture. In her impasto renderings of anti-ageing moisturiser bottles, takeaway coffee cups and cans of home-brand beetroot, she invites viewers to reflect on a number of things; the seduction of packaging, our quest for youthfulness and the geopolitics of food consumption to name a few.

Image: Brenda Samuels, Yakult from Japan, 2014, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 cm. Photo credit: Simon Hewson

 The Cranny

Matthew James

An Endless Horizon

airspace-web-Matthew James- An Endless Horizon

Photographs lack the peripheral experience of viewing a scene first hand; images often don’t match up to how we perceive a landscape first hand. This is especially the case when looking out to sea; An Endless Horizon is a series of images exploring the peripheral view. Using a self-developed photographic process, Matt captures images of the ocean that cover a whole roll of 120 photographic slide film, an attempt to make the largest image possible within the constrains of the medium.

Image: Matthew James, An Endless Horizon, 2014/15, velvia Slide film, wooden lightbox, 20 x 20 x 90cm each. Photo Credit: Matthew James.

Deep Space

Suzy Faiz

Video One Painting


One installation

One painting

One video

One poster

Suzy Faiz’ work addresses the materials, conventions, styles and histories of painting. It attempts to extend the traditions that it emerges from. She creates paintings as they allow for the continuation of notions of freedom; something that is significant in both art and life.

Suzy Faiz’ work deals with recent contemporary attitudes towards abstraction and can be seen to be working within and against this framework by experimenting with different techniques and solutions within the practice of painting.




Catch these shows before 5pm Saturday 25 July!

Five jewellery-related exhibitions continue at AirSpace Projects until 5.00pm Saturday 25 July even though the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia’s (JMGA) conference edgesbordersgaps has now concluded. The language of jewellery can be found in expected yet inventive ways and also extends to installation and experimental media. Come and visit AirSpace Projects Thursday-Saturday from 11.00am until Saturday 25 July! We look forward to seeing you.

Only 6 minutes walk from Marrickville Station

Opening copy


Theatre of Detail

Works by the current partners of Adelaide’s Gray Street Workshop, Jess Dare, Sue Lorraine and Catherine Truman to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of this internationally renowned Artist-Run Initiative.


Profile ’15

The JMGA (NSW) Profile ’15 Award exhibition.  See ‘Current Exhibitions’ to find out who the recipients of the Award were this year! You will also find the Exhibition Room Sheet with many wonderful works for sale!

jmga_logo-1 copy


Lisa Furno


Lisa Furno


Brenda Factor

Deeply Untitled

When good household items turn bad …

Deeply Untitled


Bridget Kennedy

Choice Mate

BK Blog Photo copy

Choice Mate, an installation covering the gallery floor with thousands of small objects. They look like rocks. Almost. But not quite.

Floor Talks

Monday 13 July 6pm

By the partners of Adelaide’s Gray Street Workshop

Catherine Truman, Sue Lorraine and Jess Dare

C.Truman_Cell Culture_glove copy 2

To coincide with their exhibition Theatre of Detail at AirSpace Projects the artists will talk over their new work in the gallery and the machinations of one of Australia’s most established artist-run initiatives.

AirSpace Projects, 10 Junction St Marrickville

AirSpace Projects is just a 6-minute walk from Marrickville train station


Sally Clarke

Visual Artist

Contemporary Art and Feminism

Art, Feminism, Australia, Now


The First Four Years

The First Four Years

Art Sleuth

Delving into the murky depths of the contemporary London art scene

Wexner Center for the Arts

The First Four Years


The First Four Years

AirSpace Projects 2014-2017

The First Four Years