The Cranny

Jacqui Mills

Something In The Room

4-19 November 2016


Jacqui mills will be participating in Art Conversations on Saturday 19 November, from 3pm. This event will be followed by afternoon tea. All welcome!

Light moves to the eye as time moves to the soul.

The perception of light is always met with an interface, be it through what nature provides, or through technological intervention.

Light illuminates time, not only through its signifying of day to night, but also through its movement as it passes through the perception/retina of the eye.

Through an observation of time, image and motion, domestic space becomes a microcosm of the relationship between self and society. Something in the Room questions the concept of agency in interior space by presenting interior space, and the inanimate objects within, as protagonists in the dweller/domestic environment, contradicting the accepted narrative of dweller as author.

Jacqui Mills is a video/installation artist working with narrative, memory and the concept of identity. She has been working since 2010 as a video artist and photographer for live performance, and has collaborated as a video/av technical assistant in places such as Carriageworks, Performance Space, PACT and the Malthouse Theatre. Jacqui is currently a Masters of Fine Arts candidate at UNSW Art and Design and a casual academic in the Faculty of Built Environment (Interior Architecture UNSW).


Image: Something in the Room, video projection 09:35 min loop, stereo sound.Image courtesy of the artist.