Exhibition Proposals 2014 -2017

For 2018 and beyond, please go to https://www.airspaceprojects.com.au

The information below is an archival record

We continue to accept proposals throughout the year. Occasionally, we like to curate or organise a show ourselves so be sure to let us know what you’re up to.

On this page you will find images of our four galleries along with space plans. The Gallery Agreement and Exhibition Proposal Form is available by clicking the links below. If you have any further questions please feel free to email Sally Clarke or to make an appointment to discuss your ideas further.

AirSpace Projects has been established with the aim of exhibiting new and experimental work that explores the boundaries between different modes of art practice. We are also interested in exhibiting work that reflects a sustained inquiry in any medium or media and has strong conceptual underpinnings. We aim to showcase the work of international and established Australian artists alongside emerging practices in an effort to engage artists and audiences in a range of inter-generational, cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary dialogues.


AirSpace Projects is housed in a former warehouse and is comprised of four galleries, a workshop area and a courtyard, Outer Space, that is used as a free non-live-in residency space for outdoor projects. Galleries One and Two are at street level while The Cranny, Deep Space and Outer Space are at basement level.

AirSpace Projects Floorplan

gallery model1Entire Space

Gallery One
Gyprock walls backed by chipboard with double metal doors opening directly onto the street. Suitable for wide variety of media and formats including video projection. 3.85(W) x 10.7(H) x 2.75(H)m.

Gallery 1

gallery model2Gallery One

Gallery Two
8.27 x 3.13m, two-tiered: upper 6m, lower 1.8m including steps. Gyprock walls backed by chipboard with two tiered brick shelf. Suitable for a range of media.


gallery model3GalleryTwo

gallery model4Gallery2

The Cranny
Gyprock walls at either end, the lower wall backed by chipboard. 470cm in length and width variable starting at 180cm from edge of stairs to shelf. Ceiling (concrete) height approx 200cm. Concrete shelf and brick wall along the length of the space. There are steps on one side and gentle slope to flat area.  Suitable for range of media including video projections.

cropped cranny

gallery model7TheCranny

gallery model6TheCranny

Deep Space
(2 x Gyprock backed by chipboard walls, 1 x cement board, 1 x brick with brick-width shelf along half it’s length), 330 x 463cm, ceiling height 209cm. Suitable for range of media including video projection.

Deep Space Pic
gallery model8 Deep Space

gallery model9DeepSpace

Outer Space
Artist Sarah Newall has established the courtyard, Outer Space, as free project space for artists with her ongoing sustainability project. If you have any ideas that you think would add to her project why not talk to us? The space is free but artists must be responsible for the cost and, if relevant, the removal of any rubbish and eventually, materials or artworks.


Duration and timing of exhibitions?
The first 3 weeks of each calendar month. The exhibition will open to the public from 11.00am on the first Friday of the month. Artists receive at least three days for installation.

Opening night?
First Friday of the month 6-8pm.

Artist Talks?
Optional. Normally the last Saturday of exhibition, 3-5pm

Opening Hours?
Week 1: Friday 11-6 and Saturday 11-5
Weeks 2 and 3: Thursday and Friday 11-6, Saturday 11-5

Minding of Gallery?
AirSpace Projects will mind the space and handle any sales but we welcome the presence of exhibiting artists during the exhibitions.

Gallery Fee?

Yes there are gallery fees to cover our overheads such as rent, insurance and listings.

Gallery One:                                    $1200
Gallery Two:                                    $950
The Cranny:                                     $500
Deep Space:                                     $500


Opening Costs. These are shared at cost price among exhibiting artists after deducting donations (if agreed to). The cost usually ranges from $0-$50 per exhibition per opening.

25% commission on sale of works (see gallery agreement)
$20 deposit on key (refundable on return of key)

Exhibitors/curators will bear any additional costs related to insurance, freight and handling of works and restoration of gallery to its original condition if this goes beyond the Directors expectations of normal usage.

We operate as an independent artist-run space and, as such, do not receive funding from any government sources. AirSpace Projects will offer assistance, where we can, to help exhibitors secure funding and support-in-kind for their projects. Please understand we would prefer not to charge a fee however we have significant overheads to pay such as rent, insurance, listings, fire protection, renovations and utilities.

Please download the Gallery Agreement to acquaint yourself with the gallery and artist/curator responsibilities before submitting a proposal.

Gallery Agreement AirSpace Projects as at 22 February 2017

AirSpace Projects Exhibition Proposal Form

In the event you have difficulties downloading the Proposal Form, please structure your proposal according to the following format:

AirSpace Projects Proposal

Date of Submission:

Contact Details

Contact Person
Role (artist/curator)
Phone numbers
Email Address
Web Address/es

Exhibition Details

Exhibition Title:
Preferred Date/s:
Preferred Gallery:
Participating Artist/s

Concept (500 words max)

Description of Exhibition Format (500 words max. Include medium/media, dimensions, installation requirements)

Image List (10 low resolution images solo artist or 5 images per artist)
Artist Name, Title, year, medium/media, dimensions cm. Indicate if work is from a past exhibition or anticipated work for this exhibition
2. etc


List attachments added to this proposal (CV, links, citations and any other documentation you think will assist your application).

Associated Events

♥Indicate if you would like to stage any events during the period of your proposed exhibition. This may include, for example, artist talks, performance, screenings etc. We are open to all suggestions.

♥ Are you interested in entering into a conversation with AirSpace Projects about how you could broaden the scope of your idea to include other artists or researchers in a dialogue? It is absolutely fine if you are not as we understand that you may not wish to compromise the expression of your ideas and research.

Submit Proposal (no bigger than 5MB) electronically to:


Or by snail mail to:

Sally Clarke
AirSpace Projects
9 Henry Street

Thank you for your interest in engaging with AirSpace Projects!


We have a space in the basement suitable for workshops, courses and seminars. We are interested to hear your ideas as to how you could use this space for art and cultural purposes. When the galleries are exhibition or installation free toward the end of each month, they can be booked for a range of purposes such as the documentation of art works.

Workshop Space
Two large workshop tables to seat 10 participants comfortably and four more at low table with seating on floor – a range of configurations are possible. Ceiling 1.83m, window and door to courtyard. Basic kitchen and toilet facilities and some locker storage for repeat classes. Area can be cleared for forums. Bookings for classes and forums accepted and prices available on request.