Marlene Sarroff

Sustained Expansion

Friday 2 – Saturday 17 October

Marlene Sarroff Pub shot copy

Marlene Sarroff, Sustained Expansion (detail), 2015. Image courtesy of the artist.

The ‘Fold’ is a form of connection that follows the general principles of a Deluezian concept: open ended and exhaustive, non-exclusive and unlimited exterior and infinite. Folding and unfolding no longer simply means tension – release contradiction – dilation, but enveloping – developing, involution and evolution. The ‘Fold’ is a figure of a multi-centred world, a world of intersecting planes of flourishing possibilities and synchronicity.

In the exhibition Sustained Expansion, Marlene Sarroff is undertaking an exploration of the ‘Fold’. For Sarroff the ‘Fold’ simultaneously combines the idea of an action, where one can bend over or double up, or make compact by doubling or bending. Parts can also be extended to a closed position or bring from a compact to an extended position. Sarroff’s material-based practice is driven by mass-produced materials that dictate the process undertaken. Her work offers dynamic combinations of material, form and colour and, like stage props, takes possession of the space as a three-dimensional installation.

The installation reveals a visual horizon that suggests a congested almost claustrophobic environment that has the possibility to be expanded by subtle adjustments. There is, however, a vulnerability prevailing as they could also expand too far and collapse to a flat nothingness.

© 2015 Marlene Sarroff