Shalini Jardin


Friday 1 – Saturday 16 April 2016


Shalini Jardin, hybrid beings, 2016, HD digital video 4.00 mins

Animal/human hybridity and mediated landscapes/skin surfaces are morphed to explore fixed binary constructions of Otherness – of reimagined beings, textures and their environments – often ascribed to otherworldly sentiment. Jardin attempts to de/reconstruct sentient life forms to create new meanings of understanding singularity, where the constant metamorphose of forms interpose the static nature of how the Other is often understood, allowing movement through and in-between the layers of thought construction.

Upcoming Event

Shalini Jardin will be participating in The Artists Are Present on Saturday 16 April with Ainsley Wilcock and Janette Gay. Talks start at 2.00pm followed by casual conversation and tea with the artists until the closing of the exhibition at 5.00pm.

List of Works

Gallery One

hybrid beings, 2016, HD digital video, 4:00 mins

The Cranny

x, 2016, HD video, HD digital video, 1:00 mins