Jacqui Mills

Mutable Narratives

MIlls, J A Narrative Untitled still from video SOLO copy

Friday 5 June – Saturday 20 June

In Mutable Narratives Jacqui Mills examines the interwoven nature of memory and storytelling, where memories are mutable, complex, and influenced by many perspectives. Alienated yet intimately connected with memories, Mutable Narratives explores ways in which narratives are built, and the tension that exists between reality and invention when it comes to recalling the past.  For Jacqui Mills Mutable Narratives is a personal journey, both real and poetic, to the place she once called home. The work presents memory not as linear, but rather, as a simultaneous cluster of thoughts, feelings, images, places, people and histories. How can we reconnect with memories, if not by observing them through a gaze that is split in perspectives?

Jacqui Mills is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Arts at UNSW Art & Design and was the recipient of The Viktoria Marinov Award 2014.

Image above: Jacqui Mills, Mutable Narratives, 2015. Video still. Image courtesy of the artist.