Gallery One
Out of Time
Michelle Heldon, Taryn Raffan and Kath Fries

Out of Time traces the artists’ personal engagements with place and time during their residencies in Greenland, Iceland and Finland. Their works range from drawings and sculptures to videos, photographs and installations, conveying felt experiences and responses to the pull of the magical, inner power of the landscapes, icebergs, forests, lava fields, cultures and story-telling traditions of the far north.

Gallery Two
Love Come
Yiorgo Yiannopoulos
Sites which facilitate queer and homosexual erotic encounters are diverse. Clustered throughout the city, toilets, bathhouses, parks and the streets themselves are sites of queer sexual resistance which, when they lay dormant, can be activated with a single glance.

The Cranny
Bailee Lobb and Amy Claire Mills

Collusions explores collaboration as a secretive and private act between two people, when we make we make together. The work is only ever discussed between the collaborators and evolves not only through their connection, but also through the exclusion of the outside world.

Deep Space
Uri Auerbach
Inspired by current developments in Australian immigration policy, as well as the artist’s family history as outcasts, refugees, immigrants and urban nomads, Dune is a meditation on territory and identity: a contemplation of borders, movement, transition, and mutation, what is part of us, known and permitted, or alien, foreign, and forbidden.