Jack Mannix

Jack Mannix, Fire In Her Eyes, Angie, Enmore 2012

Precious Metals: Platinum Edition

Friday 5 June – Saturday 20 June

Jack Mannix is a gender-fluid multi-disciplinary artist with a career spanning nearly 13 years. She focuses mostly on photography, writing, music and collage/drawing, as well as working in sculptural installation, video and mixed media. Since 2004 Jack has been working on a series of autobiographical and intimate photographs titled Precious Metals. Sophie Kitson curated a selection of these photographs in early 2014, as part of Next Wave Festival, at Melbourne’s Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP). Kitson and Mannix self-published a monograph of the same title, under the imprint NSFW.

Precious Metals: Platinum Edition is a re-imagined and updated presentation of the ongoing Precious Metals body of work, featuring some of the key images from the original 2014 exhibition at the CCP, as well as new and previously unseen works. Precious Metals: Platinum Edition will feature a selection of approximately 30 unframed photographs, a slideshow of photographs, and a time-based installation/recreation of the iconic photograph, Methadone Vase, Camperdown, 2013: a pink flower held in water inside a small glass Methadone bottle. It sits atop a plinth, slowly wilting and decaying for the duration of the exhibition.

Image Above: Jack Mannix, Fire In Her Eyes: Angie, Enmore. 2012. Photograph. Image courtesy of the artist.

Selected Images

Jack-A2-015 copy
Jack Mannix, Mayhem, Kahli’s Bedroom Wall, Footscray, 2012. Type C prints on Kodak Ultra Endure paper, lustre finish, 21cm x 29.7cm, (A/P + edition of 5).

$200.00 (unframed)

Jack-A4-105 copy
Jack Mannix. Methadone Rose, Surry Hills, 2013. Type C prints on Kodak Ultra Endure paper, lustre finish, 21cm x 29.7cm, (A/P + edition of 5).

$100.00 (unframed)