June Exhibitions

Friday 3 – Saturday 18 June

Nerine Martini, fiona Hooton, Kate Brown, Tom Hungerford and Elyse Goldfinch will be participating in the Artist Talks Saturday 18 June 2016, 2-5pm. Talks will be followed by tea and casual conversation with the exhibiting June artists.

Gallery One


Nerine Martini

1 between certaintiesLR copy

Unravel is an exhibition of drawings and sculptures. This body of work continues Martini’s interest in ideas of belonging, loss, displacement, migration, travel and home. It is a response both to the uncertainties of our time as well as a personal narrative, one that is yet to fully unravel.

Gallery Two

Site Seeing

Fiona Hooton

codebox3 copy

The works in Site Seeing are models assembled from found, toy-building blocks and sampled fragments of film. They are constructed impressions of cities, their nightly romantic spectacle and their mortgage belts and housing bubbles.

Fiona Hooton is a Canberra-based artist who is currently the artist-in-residence at Thirning Villa, Ashfield until 16 June.

The Cranny

It Speaks of Others

Kate Brown and Tom Hungerford

Curated by Elyse Goldfinch

Ear 580 wide

It Speaks of Others is a collaborative exhibition that will explore the unexpected and abstracted relationships between the human voice and it’s emotive, communicative force. Kate and Tom have both discovered a fascination in the human voice through their musical backgrounds and experiences as artists working with sound. By transforming the gallery into a living organ, the artists will inscribe the space through a vocal performance from 6pm – 7pm on the opening night.

Deep Space

Memory Catchers

Joanne Makas

JM-5 copy

Memory Catchers is an investigation into how memory can be carried or stored within the materiality of an object. The work grows from an inquiry into the physicality of painting and using colour as a device to trigger memories of past places, times and events.

Images Top to Bottom: Nerine Martini, Between Certainties, 2016, 104 x 187 x 132cm, plywood, woven plastic bags. Image courtesy the artist; Fiona Hooton: Codebox 3, Image courtesy of the artist; Ear, 2016, promotional image: Tom Hungerford; Joanne Makas, Tea-In-Sin, 2015, cotton, oil, acrylic, marble dust, wood, 28 x 36 x 60cm. Image: Document Photography.