Health Qigong

New Venue Coming

Qigong classes will soon take place in a more spacious room above Airspace Projects

Level One, 10 Junction Street


Just 6 minutes walk along Schwebel Street from Marrickville Station

All Welcome!

Keep an eye on this page to find out when we start!

Qigong is a gentle, slow and consistent form of exercise with an emphasis on breathing and concentration to increase internal energy circulation and to provide relaxation. It originated in China thousands of years ago and intersects with other schools of philosophy such as Taoist practices, Buddhist practices, meditation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Confucian practices of self-cultivation.

In these classes you will learn movements and routines that, if practiced regularly, will help you to achieve fitness and relaxation. Each class begins with warm-ups and concludes with cool-down exercises. In the first term we will focus on Ba Duan Jin, eight pieces of silk. For more information on this routine visit Tai Chi Fitness Australia website, Eight Pieces of Silk

If you would like more information email Sally

People aged 14 or under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Sally Clarke is a Professional Qigong Instructor with Tai Chi Fitness Australia

To find out more about Tai Chi Fitness Australia click on the link below



Tai Chi Fitness Australia