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It’s the last day of the April exhibitions

Saturday 21 April

Workshop with Helen Amanatiadis

1.oopm: Measured and Cut: A Participatory Artwork and String Spinning Workshop with Helen Amanatiadis

Artist Talks

3-5pm: Artist Talks and Arvo Tea. Join Catherine Rogers, Craig Keeler-Milne, Helen Amanatiadis, Lorna Grear and Catherine Polcz for scintillating talks and a delicious afternoon tea.

Image top: Helen Amanatiadis, The Fates; Image Below: Lorna Grear, Wall Climber 1. Images courtesy of the artists.


Artist Talks

Saturday 17 February 3-5pm

Join us for artist talks this Saturday 17 February, 3-5pm. Followed by casual conversation over a sumptuous afternoon tea. Catherine Parker and David Usher had to return to Toowoomba but we will discuss their work in their absence.

Imaged here is Emma Gardner’s Ambiguous Materiality, 2016, a shadowy investigation into the self.

In the meantime check out this article by Connor Pearce of Backyard Opera. It provides a glimpse of what’s to come at the newly incorporated AIRspace Projects.

Opening Soon

November Exhibitions

3-18 November 2017

Opening Event: Friday 3 November 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 18 November 3-5pm


Susan Buret
Mainly Martha

The idea of house and home for ourselves, and for the work we make, has occupied artists since Miriam Shapiro and Judy Chicago’s ground breaking exhibition Woman House in Los Angeles in 1972.

Working somewhere between art, life and decoration across painting, textiles and installation this body of works mediates my tangle of ideas and memories of house, home and agency in domestic space and its relationship to my experiences when installing exhibitions. Placing the work in the gallery space to suggest a domestic interior I hope to implicate the viewer and their own immediate context in my work. As it teeters on the edge of prettiness, with tongue in cheek, I have named the exhibition after the fallen happy homemaker Martha Stewart. In this body of work, I seek to interrogate my place as an aging female artist/compulsive decorator.

Susan Buret
October 2017


Place of all return
T-E-A-R Collective

Artists: Ben Adams, Carlos Agamaz Garcia, Chi Chi Menendez, Clara Chung, Danny Giles, Erin Schloeffel, Gabbi Lancaster, Giorgia De Biasi, Karolina Partyka, Marlaina Read, Michael Lai, Mija Healey, Moonhee Kim, Paula S Y Ngu, Patrick Smith, Rosanna Goslett-King

Facilitated by Hayden Fowler

A new group exhibition by T-E-A-R Collective at AirSpace Projects invites audiences to consider the environment of Smith’s Lake through the collaborative works of sixteen emerging and early career multidisciplinary artists.

Place of all return is the collective’s first exhibition, and examines the shifting contemporary relationship between humanity and the natural world, and historical and cultural influences shaping his engagement. The collective came together following an intensive experimental contemporary art lab and residency at Smith’s Lake on the NSW mid-north coast, facilitated by artist Hayden Fowler.


Catherine Polcz
Corpus: Part 3

If you have never taken the time to consider how odd our relationships are with our bodies, the final phase of this unconventional display of body-oriented artifacts will facilitate your thoughts.


November Banner Image details (top): 1. Susan Buret, Primal Instinct, 2017, mixed media on linen, 180 x 120cm. Image: Brett East. 2. Carlos Agamez Garcia, Ladder to Nowhere, 2017. Image courtesy of the artist 3. Catherine Polcz, Dental Impression. Photo: AirSpace Projects.
Top to Bottom 1: Susan Buret, Primal Instinct, 2017, pencil, flashe cotton canvas and wool on linen, 180 x 120cm. Image: Brett East. 2: Carlos Agamaz Garcia, Ladder To Nowhere, 2017. Courtesy of the artist. 3: Catherine Polcz, Teratoma, 2017, mixed media. Courtesy of the artist.










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