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Fiona Hooton

Site Seeing: Exhibition and Residency

17 May – 16 June 2016

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Canberra artist Fiona Hooton will be taking up a one month residency at Ashfield Council’s Thirning Villa from 17 May to 16 June to coincide with her exhibition Site Seeing at AirSpace Projects. During the residency Fiona will be undertaking projects in the Ashfield Council Area.

Read on  to find out more about Fiona Hooton’s events and activities:

Site Seeing

Exhibition, 3-18 June

Opening Friday 3 June, 6-8pm. All Welcome!

AirSpace Projects, 10 Junction Street, Marrickville

New works by Fiona Hooton, Site Seeing includes models and maps of cities assembled from found, building blocks and sampled fragments of film. These assemblages investigate our conflicted relationship with cities, their public sites and private spaces.

Ashfield Stories of Place (digital project)

Stories about place not only enhance local community belonging but also give outsiders insights into the values and connections within the local community. Stories put us in touch with others, our surroundings and with ourselves.

Fiona is seeking volunteers to assist with telling digital stories about Ashfield, people, places and events. If you are interested email:

Ashfield Lightning Talks

7.15pm, Wednesday 15 June

Thirning Villa, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield

Come along to hear speakers, channel stories (5 mins each) about spirited people, places and events linked to Ashfield’s past and present.

Held in association with Ashfield locals and community groups.

Suitable for all ages

Free, bookings recommended

Shapeshifting – Sculpture Workshop

1012.30am, Sunday 12 June

Thirning Villa, 40 Arthur Street, Ashfield

Explore what’s extraordinary about the spaces and places you live, in this hands on workshop. Re-shape your neighbourhood by tearing up past and present maps and combining them with your imagination. Investigate ideas of what a ‘model’ city might be and build your own version using recycled materials.
Suitable for ages eight and up.
Free, booking recommended

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 Friday 6 – Saturday 21 May 2016


Gallery One

Out of Time

Michelle Heldon, Taryn Raffan and Kath Fries

Taryn-Raffan-Oracle copy

Out of Time traces the artists’ personal engagements with place and time during their residencies in Greenland, Iceland and Finland. Their works range from drawings and sculptures to videos, photographs and installations, conveying felt experiences and responses to the pull of the magical, inner power of the landscapes, icebergs, forests, lava fields, cultures and story-telling traditions of the far north.

Gallery Two

Love Come

Yiorgo Yiannopoulos

YiorgoY copy

Sites that facilitate queer and homosexual erotic encounters are diverse. Clustered throughout the city, toilets, bathhouses, parks and the streets themselves are sites of queer sexual resistance which, when they lay dormant, can be activated with a single glance.

The Cranny


Bailee Lobb and Amy Claire Mills


Collusions explores collaboration as a secretive and private act between two people, when we make we make together. The work is only ever discussed between the collaborators and evolves not only through their connection, but also through the exclusion of the outside world.

Deep Space


Uri Auerbach

Inspired by recent developments in Australian immigration policy, as well as the artist’s family history as exiles, refugees and immigrants, Dune is a meditation on territory and identity: a contemplation of borders, belonging, displacement and mutation.


Images From Top: Taryn Raffan, oracle (green), 2014-2015, Icelandic, Danish and Scottish wool, cotton thread and plaster, approx. 12 x 12 x 12cm. Photo: Taryn Raffan.  Yiorgo Yiannopoulos, Cum Laude #9, 2015, pigment print, 70 x 53cm. Image courtesy of the artist.  Bailee Lobb and Amy Claire Mills, Collusions (detail), 2016. Image courtesy of the artists.  Uri Auerbach, Dune (detail), 2016. Image courtesy of the artist.


AirSpace Projects currently closed while new exhibitions are installed. Reopens 11am Friday 1 April


Friday 1 to Saturday 16 April

Opening Event

Friday 1 April 6-8pm


Gallery One and The Cranny
Shalini Jardin

This exhibition explores a fusion of animal/human hybridity and questions fixed binary constructions of Otherness. Various beings and sentient life forms are de/constructed to create new meanings.

Gallery Two
Ainsley Wilcock
Grotesquing The Body Trace

Ainsley Wilcock Composite #15 2016 coloured pencil on stonhenge paper 112 x 76.5 cm (detail 2) copy 2
Relying on the interaction and co-presence of humour, horror, play and terror, Wilcock fuses the grotesque aesthetic with seemingly incongruous categories of images and forms. Clothing and unstable ‘bodily’ materials provide transient territories to explore ideas of presence and absence.

Deep Space
Janette Gay

Cornered, a multi-media digital installation will explore the manner in which our increasingly constrained and inward focussed urban environments can confine our world. The installation will play with the restricted gallery space, its corners and with concepts of being cornered and forced into restricted positions.


Image Top: Shalini Jardin, Hybrid Beings (video still), 2016, HD digital video: 5 mins. Courtesy of the artist.
Image Middle: Ainsley Wilcock, Composite #15 (detail), 2016, coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper, 112 x 76.5cm. Courtesy of the artist.
Image Bottom: Janette Gay, Cornered #1 (video still), 2016, HD video looped (1:20 minutes). Courtesy of the artist.

The Artists Are Present

Sunday 20 March 11-5pm

AirSpace Projects is extending it’s opening hours for the final day of Art Month!


Over the course of Sunday 20 March, between 11-5, the exhibiting artists Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Marie McMahon, Katya Petetskaya and Emily Copp will come and go for informal conversations about their work.

RB8 copyPhaptawan Suwannakudt was born in Thailand and has been living in Australia for twenty years. She is an established artist and began her art career as a temple mural painter. Phaptawan’s contemporary installation and paintings, Reincarnation of the Butterflies, addresses her relocation to Australia from Thailand and the memories emerging from that experience.  Phaptawan’s work is in major collections and was chosen by curators Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster to be represented in the 18th Biennale of Sydney, All Our Relations, 2014.

MM3Marie McMahon, political poster-maker of 1975-90 Tin Sheds fame, has been visiting the Botany Bay National Park one day a week for three years and filling her visuals diaries with colour swatches.  These have been translated into relief models which in turn have been transformed into exquisite landscape paintings of folded colour. As well as being interesting both formally and philosophically, the fold also echoes the architectural facades of 1960s buildings Marie documented while researching in Cambodia.

The Spill_1_950Katya Petetskaya’s paintings explore the politics of contamination through oil spills. Oil spills shape Australian landscapes economically and politically because Australian companies invest in international companies that are responsible for oil spills both inside and outside of Australia including her birth place, Russia. In addition to painting Katya works as a performance artist, attempting correlationist experiments with alternative forms of knowledge that go beyond thought to understand the co-relation between body and reality.

Emily photo blogEmily Copp is passionate about the environment, particularly the impact of unconventional coal seam gas mining on communities and natural resources.  In As Above, So Below Emily translates her concerns into table platters and jewellery through new technologies of 3D printing and hydraulic pressing. Emily has worked closely with the Lock The Gate Alliance during this project and is highly motivated to explore ethical and environmental issues through her work. Emily studied at Enmore College of Design and is a community-minded and contributing tenant – along with her well-trained dog Tiga – at SquarePeg Studios, Marrickville.



11am Friday 4 to 5pm Sunday 20 March

Opening Event Friday 4 March 6-8pm

We will be open for the extra days of Sunday 6 March 11am-5pm and Sunday 20 March 11am-5pm as part of Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST) and Art Month Sydney

IMG_2283MOST 2014

See individual exhibition pages for more information about the artists, their work and associated events.


Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Reincarnation of the Butterflies



Marie McMahon




Katya Petetskaya

The Spills

The Spill_2_KP950-1


Emily Copp

As Below, So Above



Sarah Newall


Girl Shed III: the sustainability project continues




Art Month 1-20 March

mostlogoside6BLACKhELVlIGHTBottomSaturday 5 and Sunday 6 March, 11-5pm
Marrickville Open Studio Trail (MOST)

Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March
Sarah Newall’s Sustainability Project
For just over a year Sarah Newall has undertaken an artist residency in the small concrete yard behind Airspace Project. During this time she has converted this dead space into a sustainable living space/garden that includes a Girl Shed, a worm farm and a Rocket Stove. Over the course of the weekend Newall will be present for 48 hours living and working sustainably on site.

Sunday 6 March
Artist talks
Phaptawan Suwannakudt and Marie McMahon in conversation with Jasmin Stephens, independent Sydney-based curator, from 2.00-3.00pm. Join the artists for refreshments 3.00-3.30pm.

Friday 11 March 7.30-9.30pm
Can’t eat Coal. Can’t drink gas.

LTG_logo copy

Ticket price: $10 donation to Lock The Gate Alliance at the door
Location: AirSpace Projects, 10 Junction St, Marrickville, 2204

Join Emily Copp at AirSpace Projects on Friday the 11th of March 2016 for a night of awareness raising documentaries around the subject of unconventional gas mining.

Australia has seen rapid expansion of coal and coal seam gas development over the last 5 years, despite widespread and vocal community opposition. Come along to find out more about the issues at hand as well as listen to guest speakers and engage in conversation around this important topic.

This event is a fundraiser for Lock the Gate Alliance, a national grassroots organisation made up of over 40,000 supporters and more than 250 local groups, who are concerned about unsafe coal and gas mining. These groups are located in all parts of Australia and include farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists and urban residents.

Hosted by AirSpace Projects and Emily Copp in conjunction with her exhibition, As Below, So Above, a collection of works made in response to her concerns around coal seam gas mining.


Sunday 20 March 11-5pm
The Artists Are Present
From 11-5 the exhibiting artists will be present to informally discuss their work and answer your questions. It’s a great day to hang out at AirSpace Projects! Feel free to bring along a picnic and supplement it with pickings from Sarah Newall’s garden in Outer Space.

February Exhibitions

Friday 5 – Saturday 20 February 2016

The Artists Are Present: Saturday 20 February 2-5pm

Come along and talk to the artists about their work

March Exhibitions open Friday March 4

Opening event Friday 4 March 6-8pm

Phaptawan Suwannakudt

Reincarnation if the Butterflies

Marie McMahon


Katya Petetskaya

The Spills

Emily Copp

As Above, So Below

See upcoming exhibitions for details

Until 20 February


I’m OK, You’re OK

Merryn Hull

AirSpace MHull 12Nov 15.psd B

The title of the exhibition explores the idea of ‘being’ and references Eric Berne’s Transactional Analysis concept of 4 levels of OK-ness. It does this by creating the opportunity to look into our lives from the outside and builds on the idea that ordinary things can become quite special if viewed in particular ways. Ordinary objects are transformed into art objects so that aluminium, plastic sheet, foil, coloured wrap and tape expand elements of daily life into a broader narrative. Hull’s work is composed of a series of framed views and reflective surfaces which locate and also distort the viewer’s sense of contemporary realism. It does this through the use of the ‘window’, the mirror and the digitised image which act as framing mechanisms for a momentary, found connection to a different though recognisable reality.

Image: Merryn Hull, I’m OK, You’re OK, 2015. Installation view. Image credit: Merryn Hull


Her Moving Presence

Her_Moving_Presence_Suffragist walk hi res copy

Ella Condon, Fiona Davies, Kath Fries, Sylvia Griffin, Melissa Howe, Yvette Hamilton, Danica Knezevic, Vivienne Linsley, Sarah Breen Lovett, Sara Morawetz, Katy B Plummer, Tamara Voninski

An exhibition of moving image work by twelve women artists that navigates implied and actual presence through video, projection, interactivity and screen-based performance.

This project has been supported by


Image: Katy B Plummer, Zombie Suffragist (We Retain Hope That Cooler heads May Yet Prevail), single channel video.


2015 Finishes on a High Note

Graduating Students from UNSW Art & Design take over AirSpace Projects

Exhibition continues until Saturday 19 December


Vex_WebPoster wordpress

AirSpace Projects Exhibitions

Continue Until

19, 20 and 21 November

The Artists Will Be Present

On Saturday 21 November 11-5pm

Come and Join Us

Gallery One

Sally Clarke: She Bush


Gallery Two

Jan Fieldsend: Massed Arrangements


The Cranny

Sophie Clague: Distillates


Deep Space

Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark Shredded


Outer Space

Sarah Newall’s Rocket Stove


Four New Exhibitions Open 11am November 6

Opening Event: Friday 6 November 6-8pm


A Musical Performance by Kate She Bush

with a brief Introduction on the Labiaphone by Nedella Kelly, 6.30pm

Gallery One

Sally Clarke

She Bush

An Intro detail

Gallery Two

Jan Fieldsend

Massed Arrangements

Jan Fieldsend, Sydney Roccoco (detail) pencil on screenprinted paper with collaged elements 40 x 60 cm 2015

The Cranny

Sophie Clague


Sophie clague, 'Untitled" 2015, welded steel, painted steel mesh, stainless steel, plywood, acrylic paint, copper wire, acrylic; 600 x 600 x 170 mm

Deep Space

Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark

Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neo-Liberalism

Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark, Shredded, Video performance, 2015. Image courtesy of the artists.

Outer Space

Sarah Newall

Girl Shed III continues

Not for drinking

© 2015. All images copyright of the artists.

AirSpace Projects is now closed until Friday 2 October, when four new exhibitions activate the space.

Join the artists for opening drinks

Friday 2 October 6-8pm


Marlene Sarroff

Sustained Expansion

Marlene Sarroff Pub shot copy


Allison M. Low


dorothy-web copy 2


Marikit Santiago

Altar Ego

Malakas & Maganda copy


Anna Kirk

Optical Avatar

Anna Kirk Pub Shot

Please highlight Upcoming Exhibitions under Exhibitions and Proposals on the AirSpace Projects menu to find out more.

Images top to bottom

Marlene Sarroff, Installation view multiple visions and (mis-steps), 2015. Courtesy of the artist.

Allison M. Low, Dorothy, 2015, graphite and gouache on paper, 90 x 71cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Marikit Santiago, Malakas & Maganda, 2015, acrylic, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 120 x 160cm. Courtesy of the artist.

Anna Kirk, Optical Avatar, 2015. Courtesy of the artist.

All images copyright of the artists ©2015


Sally Clarke

Visual Artist

Contemporary Art and Feminism

Art, Feminism, Australia, Now


The First Four Years

The First Four Years

Art Sleuth

Delving into the murky depths of the contemporary London art scene

Wexner Center for the Arts

The First Four Years


The First Four Years

AirSpace Projects 2014-2017

The First Four Years