AIRseum, located in the lower level of AirSpace projects is Sydney’s smallest museum. AIRseum is an unconventional museum of locally sourced and thematically curated artefacts of contemporary life. AIRseum is an alternative museum curated by artist, scientist and museologist Catherine Polcz that focuses on telling the secret stories of Sydney’s inner west. AIRseum will engage with diverse stakeholders and communities to present extraordinary stories about the everyday.

From 6 April 2018

Human/Nature continues

Human/Nature is the first show at AIRSEUM, a new museum space exploring everyday design and secret stories of the Inner West. AIRSEUM is part of AIRspace projects and curated by Catherine Polcz.

Human/Nature is a museum show that examines the relationship between humans and the urban ecology in Sydney’s Inner West through the collection of objects. An aesthetic journey through artificial grass, scare owls, root-clogged pipes and the hundreds of weeds, Human/Nature uncovers the biology, history and design of plants, animals and products while unveiling the everyday harmony and warfare on our streets.