Gallery One

Friday 7 – Saturday 22 July

Lorna Grear


Opening Friday 7 July 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 22 July 3-5pm

WEAVE represents my new body of work. I use the space of landscape as a starting point for abstractions. The finished works inevitably evolve into images beyond landscape, signifying personal, emotional or social events. I can’t ignore that landscape offers me a rhythmic structure where I can play within the imaginative constructs of painting; colour, form, line, texture and pattern give me so many possibilities to create different compositions. The narrative is not obvious; I like to think of the paintings as thoughts or feelings.

Uncanny, random or specific references do enter the works. After the musician Prince died, I made many purple works with a haphazard rhythm. When Donald Trump was elected I made a work entitled Trump’s Bloodshed – with a grand old oak splitting the composition in two. Sometimes the trigger is public other times the impulse to make the work is unknown, it could be based in human identity.

Recently I’ve been listening to John Coltrane. In his music there’s an expression of feeling and meaning that implies rather than tells. The odd note there, a beat here, the fluid rhythm staggered by a loud vibration…

I’m always searching for that pivotal moment in painting where the structure balances the rhythm and where the feeling and the composition weave together.  Lorna Grear June 2017