Special Summer Exhibition

18-27 January 2018

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11am – 5pm

Marlene Sarroff

Indeterminate Structures

Opening Wednesday 17 January 6-8pm


“What is unknown can only be imagined”

The intervention into the Deep Space consists of  a complex system.  Created out of many small parts, building a whole that is considered from the point of view of the whole rather than the  single parts. Arising from the unplanned assembling, transitory structures of  an indeterminate nature, are created  with emphasis on modes of organisation  and interrelated arrangements. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, further  possibilities will be explored in  reorganising  the structures, shifting, disseminating and altering the shapes  and re-arranging them into new formations with ongoing consideration of the space they are situated in.

Marlene Sarroff