6-21 April 2018

Preview: from 11am Friday 6 April

Opening: Friday 6 April 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 21 April, 3-5pm


Catherine Rogers

Details from the world: from heaven to earth: Part 3

Details from the world – between heaven and earth Part 3 by Catherine Rogers, is a continuation from the Part 2 exhibition at AIRspace Projects in March. The exhibition is a reflection on photography and its history. It is an exhibition about the photographic image and its relationship to the world it seeks to picture. The images all come from Rogers’ archive of 40+ years—photographs that gaze at a distant horizon, images new and old, made and re-made, boundless and silent.

Image: Catherine Rogers, Old Styx Road. Courtesy of the artist.


Craig Keeler-Milne

Edge 2018

Craig Keeler-Milne is a Sydney based artist and photographer, with a background in architecture and design. This exhibition expresses Craig’s interest in the edge of the built form, where solid meets light, the edge.

Image: Criag Keeler-Milne, Venice II, 2011-18, 75 x 100cm. Courtesy of the artist


Helen Amanatiades

The Fates

This exhibition resurrects the three fates that spun, measured and cut the thread of life – Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos. These mythological beings in human form are spinsters, spinning string, weaving tales and determining human destiny. Through spinning, weaving and measuring string, the Fates tell the tale of both human triumph and tragedy.

Image: Helen Amanatiades, The Golden Scroll (detail), 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.


Lorna Grear

6-21 April 2018


Preview: from 11am Friday 6 April

Opening: Friday 6 April 6-8pm

Artist Talks: Saturday 21 April, 3-5pm

‘No one can help me now.’

Mary sat by the rock trying not to think, swept up in the light and earth and wind, she carried on, staring at time moving, spacelessness and timelessness.

The gap wherein she sat, not doing, not washing, not eating, not cleaning, not working, not scrolling or talking, nor being busy.

Rustle, a thin line, a curved shape, the building of an imaginary moment, not real, working in order not to work; beauty, structure, scaffold, light, colour.

These paintings were made in Summer 2018 in a place a long distance from the city. They are regarded as preliminary works, experimental, and act as sketches (like photographs) for other ideas. They’ve not been shown before.

Image above: Lorna Grear, Summer 4, 2018, 30 x 40cm


Human/Nature Continues

Curated by Catherine Polcz

Human/Nature is a museum show that examines the relationship between humans and the urban ecology in Sydney’s Inner West through the collection of objects. An aesthetic journey through artificial grass, scare owls, root-clogged pipes and the hundreds of weeds, Human/Nature uncovers the biology, history and design of plants, animals and products while unveiling the everyday harmony and warfare on our streets.

Human/Nature is the first show at AIRseum, a new museum space exploring everyday design and secret stories of the Inner West. AIRseum is part of AIRspace projects and curated by Catherine Polcz.